Monday, July 12, 2010

Lagoon 2010

Tate and Zho BugTate and Gus

Tate and Bossy
Nayvi and Aunt Tiff
Mikala, Jadon and Halle

Clint and Tate
Halle and Destinee
Nana and Bushed Bostyn
Jadon, Halle, Mikala, Bella, Spencer, Tate, Bostyn, Zhoee
Tate and Spencer
Haydn with Matt Jennings boys, Carston and Gage
On the train, Nana and Grampa
Bella, Mikala, Trisha Jadon, Spencer, Taniel

Spencer, Alexus, Jadon, Mikala, Tiffani
Gus and Lonny
Alex, Clancy, Hunter, Haydn (acting like he is scared)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yard Work

These are the pics I got for the guessing game:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Guess Who?

Ashlee, this is all I have but I know you got some others so you will have to add those. Oh! Wait, your camera is in Elko!! Haa Haa, nevermind!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

They came

YEa!!!! Guess what came in the mail Friday??? I guess it means the cruise is really close when you get all your info and luggage tags! We just can't wait. Would it be easier to send these out or just give them to everyone when we meet at the airport and cruise ship? The only thing you need is the luggage tags! (don't stress that there are only 5, Clint and Meg already got theirs)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Tiff, Do you remember this little fish???? Everytime I am at the mall, I laugh and think of you and our wonderful little experience at the play place!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Port of Call options

I am with Ashlee. I would like to do a paid for, scheduled excursion in Cabo San Lucas. Enjoy the beaches and shopping of Mazatlan and sight-see and snorkle in La Paz. I think excursions should be booked for the first available tour that we can make getting of the boat. That way we have the rest of the day for swimming in the ocean, snorkling, sight-seeing, beach bathing, shopping, etc.

Any one else have an opinion?

Monday, December 8, 2008


We know it will be CRAZY (to say the least) on Christmas Eve, but we thought we would suggest a White Elephant gift exchange somewhere in between Trisha's birthday dinner and before the more serious Christmas Eve traditions like the Nativity. We just had a few good ideas and thought everyone would get a kick out of it!!! Would anyone else like to do that? Could we fit it in? We just wanted to give everyone a heads up and a few weeks to look around their houses and find some good stuff. Comments???

Some fun pics from Thansgiving Weekend at Temple Square. We had so much fun!!!!
Bart, Brayton, and Clancy finished the day off by going to the Jazz game and Tiff and I took 6 children on Front Runner and home and put the kids to BED!!! Then Alex, Tiff, and I enjoyed a GIRLS night with ICE CREAM, A CHICK FLICK, and TREATS!!!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lets Decide!!!

Hi Everyone!
So, as we were looking up cruises, we tried to pull up our Southern Carribean cruise we are currently booked on and it wouldn't even come up... meaning it is full (we figure) We origionally thought we'd wait till Jan. (as long as we could without penalty) till we made a for-sure decision about changing cruises. But, we just got thinking that the 7 day-Mexican Riviera cruise that we mentioned will be filling up as we speak and the best rooms are being taken. SOOO, that being said.... we wanted to know if everyone wants to change cruises and we can call and switch now (or at least by Thanksgiving) and then assure we have rooms, etc.... Same thing goes though, we can cancel any rooms until Jan. without any penalty.

We are anxious to decide sooo.. We'll call everyone in the next few days and try to make a decision.
Note: we checked the almanac for the average weather conditions and temperatures for Mexico in April. The average high was 85 degrees and in the night about 58.
Link for Mexican Riviera Cruise:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lonny's progress

Seventeen down, Only eight more to go. . . .before he sets a new goal for himself!!
How are you doing, Bart? I don't see any updates for you. . . . .

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lonny Less 8

Lonny has Lost 8 pounds. I am so proud of him and he is so proud of himself. Way to go!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Girls Weekend???

Mom, Tiff, Taniel, Trish#1, Meg, Trish #2:
I was just thinking it would be so much fun to get together for the weekend and go to this WHAT A WOMAN WANTS show at the South Town Expo Center and just hang out and have a fun dinner!! We talked about planning a girls trip when we were at the family reunion but we haven't really talked about it lately. So...... Here is an idea. Check out the website and leave a comment. One of the pics has moms with their daughters so it got me thinking it would be fun to have Alex, Mikala, Halle, Zhoee, and Bella with us. It would be fun for me to take Zhoee and let her browse through all the clothes, jewelry, and make-up. She'd be all over it!!! Or we could just leave them at home, whatever!!!! We could Hotel it, or we could all stay at our house. (we'll make Bart, J, and Bossy go stay with Clint:)

Oh Yah! Bring it on Lonny!

It's on! C'mon Clint, Garr, Boo, and Pa. We all need to be able to fit in our speedos!!

**Recipe for 6-Pack**

6 Days per Week.....3 x 50 Ab Leg Bike / 3 x 30 Obliques / 3 x 60 seconds Bridge Hold / 3 x 30 Crunches / 3 x 20 Bench Press / 3 x 40 Lat Pulls / 3 x 20 Butterflys / 3 x 12 Tricep Pulls / 3 x 20 Preacher Curls

4 Days per Week.......Treadmill - run 3 miles

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Game on!

Lonny has to lose 25 lbs, Bart has to go from 12 pack to 6 pack abs. First one to get it done gets a drink card, courtesy of the loser, on the cruise ship. Anyone else is welcome to join in the competition. 210 lbs, 46 in waist

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Miracle cruise ship

Carnival Miracle at port in St. Kitts
Carnival Miracle has many different activities onboard. Some are:
mini golf course
a running track
a water slide
a children's facility for kids aged 2 to 14
two pools and hot tubs, plus an adult only pool in the back and a hot tub in the front (for crew members only)
a party room, Dr. Frankenstein's lab
an arcade, Wizards arcade
Mr. Lucky's casino

Passenger capacity -2,124 Total crew -934 Officer's nationality - Italian Tonnage - 88,500 Ship length - 963 feet Registry - Panama

8 day Southern Caribbean

Get ready to set sail aboard the Carnival Miracle.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Bart and I thought this cruise might be fun!!! We thought it would be very cool to see the Panama Canal and Costa Rica and Belieze look absolutely beautiful. It's 8 days too!!! This route is only taken in March or October so it leaves Thurs. Mar 5, and comes home Friday March 13th. .So then you have the weekend to get unpacked and play with our kids we'll miss so much!! Leave a comment.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cruise Info

How sad that the camping, playing with cousins, 4-wheeling, sitting around the fire.. and all that fun stuff is over. On the way home our kids were so sad and continued to tell us they wanted to go back camping to be with Nana and Grandpa and their cousins. They had such a great time. Sooo..... all our clean laundry is stacked on my be ready to be put away(it took me till Friday to get it all clean), which is the only sign left that we spent 10 days camping. I'm so sad it's over. Thanks everyone for making it such a great trip.

Bart and I went over some cruises the other night and wanted to know what everyone thought.... I emailed detailed info on 4 different cruises. So look it over and then vote on which cruise you are most interested in. OR- post other info if you have found something else for everyone to look at. We are so excited!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Friday Dinner

Hey Taniel, Mom, Tiff, Trish's, Meg...
What is our plan for next Friday when we are in charge of pot luck main dishes???
I didn't know if our family would provide the same thing or just do our own seperate dishes. I was thinking I would do teriayki chicken kabobs???? Or is there another plan?
Let me know. We're doing our big trip to Costco tomorrow. I LOVE that store!!!!

Time to Start Packing!!

Tiff called this morning and asked that I make a few notes on the blog. . . .

She said it is very cold in the morning and nights. Jacket/sweatshirt required and lots of blankets for the night.

They did the ride to Butch Cassidy's then continued on to the Pines. She was happy to have dad's fourwheeler, so big thanks to dad. She also said the ride is very worth it. It was BEAUTIFUL! Any hesitations she had about the ride were diminished. We should plan for a 1.5-2 hour ride. It took them longer but she had Spence with her and he fell asleep and was hard to hold on to.

Lonny does not get home until 7pm Thursday night so we plan the leave at 3am Friday morning to make it to Panguitch in time for the ride. Tiff made it sound so fun!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

(Bart) Tenter's FYI

Hey all you TENTER'S, I was noticing on the Posey Lake website that Posey sits at an elevation of 8,600 feet. Even though it may be roasty-toasty during the day it may get a little chilly at night for the baby's. So remember their Woobies.
See you all soon.